Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I am like the birds of paradise, delicate, I am juicy and cold inside, I am spicy but not a hot curry, I'm a pumpkin.  You can carve me sad and happy, i'm a monarch butterfly gliding thru the sky. I am autumn leaves Swaying in the wind, I'm the orange fizzy goodness in bottles, I am the cheesy orange triangles in bags, I am the bouncing ball you take shots with. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

Tena koutou 
Ko Scafell Pike te Maunga 
Ko River Lea te awa
Ko Waimairi te Kura 
Ko Ngā ti ingarangi te iwi  
Ko Martin toku papa 
Ko Samantha toku mama
No Luton ahau 
Ko Riley taku ingoa 
Tena koutou tena koutou 
tena koutou katoa 


Eats a lot

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bean conclusion
Our hypothesis was that both beans will grow, but the one in the light will grow faster, although our results were inconclusive because the sunny bean disappeared.
Due to my bean disappearing I have not been able to reach one conclusion. If we did this investigation again, we would put my bean in a bigger container.
        The Box Jump
I got to the bmx park in bottle lake forest I went round the course like I always do. I went up the hill and I could see the steep ramp which led into a ‘box jump’ and sweat began to drop of my face. My mum was scared for my life. I sped down the hill to the ramp. I went up the ramp it felt like I was wall riding then suddenly the ramp let go and I flew straight up about a metre and then came down on the other side but I couldn't stop myself so I uncontrollably went down the over side of the ramp. .I got off my bike I was so surprised that I went about a metre high and that was the story off the box jump.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holiday ABC writing

Ate ice cream
Bought a new cd
Coloured my hair orange 
Explored a little cave 
Found a dead bird 
Glued my glass lizard back together
Had a sleepover 
I went to holiday program
Jumped on the tramp
Kicked my brother
Learnt instruments 
Made new friends 
Nestled with mum
Outside playing hand ball
Played Minecraft on my PS4
Quickly we snuck a sweet from the jar
Read a book
Saw Liam at the park
Trained basketball with Ashley from wildcats
Uncovered secrets  
Watched a movie
EXamined the inside of a cave
Yogurt eating
Zipped around on my bike

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Science report

Do you have a garden at your house ? I don't so when kiri offered me a bean to grow I was excited because I had a responsibility to water my bean every day. I thought that would be impossible but from the first week of watering it has been easy. Kahukura has been focusing on observation so we grew beans to observe how they grow.

I hypothesise that my bean seed wouldn't grow because it wasn't in soil. 
Step 1: When I got my bean i got tissue and watered the tissue
Step 2: Then I put the bean on the tissue 
Step 3: Then put my bean on the tissue in the bag. 
Step 4: Then I watered it every day and observed it.

On my first observation on the 9th August my bean was 11mm long, pale white, smooth, shaped like a jelly bean and named Bean Jr.
My inference is that my bean will need sunlight and water.
I found evidence that confirms my inference and that was plants need sunlight so that their chlorophyll can use carbon dioxide gas from the air and water that they take in through their roots to make a kind of sugar. The sugar has energy inside and the plants use the energy to make new parts.

On my second observation the 15th August my bean has not got longer it is still 11mm, the colour has turned yellow, it is still smooth and the shape of a jelly bean. My inference is that my bean is growing because it is turning yellow. Evidence proves that my bean turned yellow in colour because the chlorophyll Is starting to develop.     

On my third observation the 18th August my bean was 17mm long, the colour was yellow, white, shrivelled and shaped like a jelly bean.
My inference is that my bean is going through stages of growing.

On my fourth observation the 4th September my bean was 17mm long,
yellow, white, smooth and shaped like a jelly bean.

On my fifth observation the 7th September my bean was 20mm long, brown, Shaped like a jelly bean and mouldy.
My inference is that my bean is dying, although that I gave the right doses of water every day and it was exposed to the sunlight I don't know why it is dying.


When I got my bean I didn't know that I was going to learn new stuff but I learnt that germination means growing and developing and I learnt that beans can grow without soil because I witnessed it geowing.