Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Popcorn writing


At the start I was so excited to make popcorn when it started I could hear the rumbling machine.It sounded like a vehicle motor and I could see aggressive raging popcorn flying out of the hungry machine. The popcorn flew out of the yellow monster like a bullet. The popcorn feels soft like a cloud. It looks as good as it tastes like! The pale white popcorn unexpectedly escapes out of the bowl.


  1. "The pale white popcorn unexpectedly escapes out of the bowl". I really like this sentence. It adds a bit of adventure to your writing about the popcorn. Don't forget to use your senses to help you describe something. Miss D :)

  2. Riley - I noticed that you have used the words and phrases that we talked about and wrote in our bright sparks book. It's great to see that you have used this to add interesting vocabulary to your writing - Kiri

  3. Nice writing Riley I like the ways you used your simalies-Andre