Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My special place✌️

 Rushing kids spray sand over all of the lounging people.
 I go to the float store get big colourful floats.
 I play enticing games of basketball at the court.                 
 Reckless tides pull me in towards the deep sea.
 I see the ruby red trampolines get trampled over by kids.
 Umbrellas shade me while I relax on my soft towel.
 I can smell the salt of the sea on the blazing hot busy beach.
 Walking out of the apartments I can feel gusts of heated wind surf  past me.
 My caring family comes into the freezing sea  to play with me.

 By Riley

1 comment:

  1. "Reckless tides pull me towards the deep sea" I love this line - it gives a real sense of excitement and danger (Kiri)