Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Term 1 art reflection

I am at a relational level because I know the meaning of beat and rhythm and why we have it.
In term one we have  learnt a about beat,rhythm, and music and the meaning of both of them
and why we have it.We have beat to keep us in time and it doesn't have to be beat it could be
a heartbeat it could be instruments .We have used the beat and rhythm of songs and  videos to make are Tuesday and make new lyrics.My role in the performance was to clap to make the beat and to keep the rhythm in time.I learnt that you need beat to keep songs in time.My struggle was to switch from my football rythem group to the beat group.My next step is to reflect on my role and make improvements and to identify beat in many contexts.
We have used uptown funk lion dance and the haka to find differences about them and to use 
he uptown funk beat to make a day in the life of kahukura and we made different lyrics to the
song.My highlight was when we tried different countries food.