Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Are you afraid of the dark? Because I am. When I wake up outside my door 
I can see the hall but I always think it's an aphotic cave and it's an adventure to get to the kitchen.  When I walk out that door I get petrified with fear.

At the end of the day the dark night is falling on top of us, we go to the field to play spotlight.
3..2...1..go, the game started I ran to the bushes and trees and slowly crawled across the leafy ground, I felt like I was unstoppable for a minute .   The deadly lights, were blinding me slowly. I could hear the sound of rustling gravel where people crawled across it.  The barky trees guarded my way to victory.  I could see shadows of people dragging their legs across the terrain.  Why? The people on the field were tripping over plastic chairs. 

My whole life I thought the dark was scary when I played spot light I realised that the dark isn't that scary. I overcame my fear I wonder if you have overcame a fear. I learnt that you can always overcome your fears.

In my writing I used hyperbole. (exaggerate)
I improved my writing by using the thesaurus.
Next time I am going to improve my writing by adding some similes. 

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  1. Riley, the way you write was really interesting, at the start you asked a question “Are you afraid of the dark? Because I am”. It really catches my attention right at the start of the writing so I continue reading and enjoy all the interesting words like petrified and aphotic!