Monday, 5 September 2016

Being the younger sibling

Being the youngest sibling is the worst because you have to wait longer to watch over aged movies. You get a phone or earrings LASt and they get to go on their own to the sweet shop or go with there friends on there own. And trust me it is the worst because they come back with sweets and they don't share them and you'll be awfully jealous for years looking at them going out with there friends.

I am a younger sibling and this is what I don't like about being the younger sibling. I hate when your brother or sister signs up for a club that you can't sign up to because you're too young and there match is on in THE morning. Like really don't you want at least one day to sleep in? One time I woke up and my mum checked my brother’s match on the website and it said the match was cancelled but that was a month ago because they hadn't updated the website for a month, so I was just lazily sitting on the sofa and suddenly my mum said we have to stand in the rain for a hour on a damp field.(and that was a true story what happened to me).

The only good thing about being the youngest child is the youngest child never gets blamed on if they did something bad. The oldest child would always get blamed on.

Do you hate when You have to go to bed earlier than your older brother because they're older than you well I do. Do you hate when you get hand me downs what smell bad and what are old from your older brother and when your brother or sister picks on you and bosses you around because he or she is older than you.

So from all of this what do you think about being the younger sibling is it  the worst?

    Medal                                            Medal
The ideas about being                            You provided me lots 
the younger sibling.                               of ideas about being 
persuaded me.                                   younger sibling 

                     My mission was to persuade people
              to think that being the younger sibling is the worst

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